Spain – April

What an exciting experience carrying the cross in the streets of two Spanish towns just after Easter. The local Christians were surprised to find openness in the people that we met. Simple evangelism training had been given and on the first evening out with the cross in the town of La Puerta we met a young man whose life was in ruins and he was in tears as he heard testimonies of how Jesus had changed our lives. We were all moved to see him pray to accept Jesus.

The next evening resembled a mini March for Jesus with several churches working together to sing and share Jesus in the shopping center of the Sherry producing town of Jerez. We all paraded through the town with Pastors playing flamenco praise songs. A joyful festive atmosphere! At the end of the evening the Pastors gathered round to thank God for an historic event where not only had the churches worked together but the gospel had gone out in the streets. There were many reports of people praying to accept the Lord and all around you could see people praying over members of the public. The final word from the Pastors was, ‘Let’s do this again!’