Cornish Towns – Summer ’14

This summer I’ve been out and about in Cornwall with local Christians. The cross is a great conversation-opener. In Newquay, a local guy came with me and would often prophesy over people that we met. Wow, what a difference that makes! People seemed to be deeply moved by the loving content of these prophecies. Since April, I’ve been accompanying friends of ours, Dick and Lynn, plus their microphone and guitar, who use praise music to reach people on the streets. We’ve had some exciting times together, seeing God’s love reach out to people who have seemed eager to receive prayer and ministry. The praise seems to create a Holy atmosphere which leads into ministering with the folk passing by. Amazing!

God seems to be using people who have all heard His distinct calling to this particularly unique – or maybe not as unique as we think – style of working; i.e. taking church out onto the streets. I’ve also had the pleasure of spending time with another guy, Andy Giddens, on the streets. His vision is to preach in the streets of every Cornish town. I’ve also enjoyed spending Friday nights out on the streets of Truro with Dave Pyke and friends.